Dishwasher is the type of appliance that is easy to operate and repair when compared  to any other type of appliances .  But whenever it  develops a major 

technical fault, you need to reach out to the professionals in the field that can repair it for you. As appliance repair specialists, one of the most common questions we get asked is "do I really need a repair technician"? In reality, sometimes you don't need to call a technician at all. You may be able to troubleshoot the operation of your appliance to improve its lifespan. Here are some tips that can help you determine whether they should call an appliance repair specialist or not.

Stated below are some of the visible problems that can arise in dishwasher which could call for repair:

1. When dishwasher is not  working and there is panic, what you need to do is to first confirm if the dishwasher is connected, study the manual that came           with it and carry out a research concerning it on the internet. You can even unplug and use voltmeter to check if it is working. Ensure that the meter is
     set to R x 100 if the float is down and make sure it reads zero.
2. Apart from the first step, first connect the dishwasher plug to the electrical outlet.
    Secondly, ensure that there is power supply in the electrical outlet. You can do this by connecting other type of appliance such as electrical mixer to the
    electrical outlet to confirm.
3. In case there is power in the electrical outlet and the dishwasher still refuse to work, then check the dishwasher wiring if there is burn spots or breaks and       if the  source has no power, examine the electrical panel to confirm that the breaker is on and also check if the fuse is not blown. If it is an electric                     problem, it will be better to call the electrician to fix the problem.
4. Going through the manual of the dishwasher, you will discover the solutions to the problem such as noise, when water is stored at the bottom part of the
    tub, when the water is not pumping out, if the dishes are not drying or if the dishes are not getting clean or if there is problem with the soap dispenser. In      the dishwasher manual, you will see different ways by which you can tackle these problems without bothering yourself in reaching out to the technicians.
5. In case there is problem of inadequate water or there is no water, then check the water valve to the dishwasher and ensure that it is turned on and filled        with water.

Whether your dishwasher isn’t cleaning properly, you notice water left at the end of a cycle, or the soap dispenser is broken, one of the Express Appliance Service  repair technicians will always arrive at your home within hours.